United States Oil Fund (USO) + Vanguard Energy ETF (VDE)?


Newbie here…

  1. United States Oil Fund (USO) + Vanguard Energy ETF (VDE) are both unavailable on Trading 212 - why is that?

  2. What are their equivalents on Trading 212? Wisdom Tree WTI Crude Oil ETC is the closest for the Oil I gather…but what is an equivalent for Vanguard Energy ETF?

Thanks in advance!

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Re 1. This is a very FAQ. See

Re 2. Could request that Trading 212 add something like iShares WENS or IUES, or SPDR MSCI World Energy UCITS ETF (WNRG) . On CFD platform XLE is available. XLE is similar to VDE.

WNRG has been requested frequently, but not yet added.

Because they are US based/domiciled ETFs and hence they are not allowed on the platform.

Thanks for the info both - very helpful.