What ETF's are on Trading 212 mirroring OIL (WTI)

Hi all, Does anyone know of any ETF on the tading212 platform that mirrors the US oil price as per WTI? I’m not interested in individual oil stocks just an instrument that will follow the actual crude oil price.

On a slightly different route, I had hoped to trade SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production EFT on the NYSE …ticker XOP, or the Vanguard Energy ETF on the NYSE,…ticker VDE But neither are available on the platform, which I understand, there are so many and T212 has to pick and choose what is popular.

Anyhow any advice or info is appreciated…thanks

This ETC may be of interest:

Great Alpha, looks like just what I was looking for! I Compared it with US Oil on Trading view and it matchs very closly so looks a perfect ETF for this job. Thanks for your help…

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Just keep in mind that there is a difference between ETF and ETC.

Now thats a new one on me. I had a read through the link you gave me and I appreciate the help…