Unity Technologies is not showing on my T212 app

As mentioned in the title Unity Technologies is not showing on my T212 app, despite it being confirmed here: Unity IPO NASDAQ:U

can someone assist?

The instrument is added to our platform under its official name Unity Software, Inc.


If you’re still not seeing it, I find restarting my phone always helps.

thanks. I had to type Unity Software, Inc. in full for it to appear. why is it stuck at $59 and can it buy it right now?

the search works fine on the website

Unity Software isn’t live yet. The company is about to become public (IPO) and unfortunately, we can’t give you a time frame when the retail trading will start.

@Martin do you know is Unity the same scenario as Snowflake whereby it’ll be available to institutions for a while before us retailer investors?

Yes, this is how usually IPO offering works.

Great, thanks @Martin Martin, I wasn’t aware.