I know this has been mentioned along with other upcoming IPOs but please can we get the on the day?

Apparently dur to be priced 17.09.2020



I’m waiting for this too.
I am a big Unity supporter and I think it will grow a lot in the future [even outside the videogames business].

Hope the initial price won’t be too high.


Here is a long read if someone wants to understand what “Unity” is, how they make money and how the future might look:

Unity IPO aims to fuel growth across gaming and beyond

Is tomorrow, am I right?

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Pricing tomorrow, trading Friday I believe

I 2nd/3rd this. Really want to get in on Unity as early as possible - this is a big opportunity!

Please can we get confirmation of the IPO for Day 1?

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Any idea when this is available to retailers like us? Time-wise?

I am waiting too for this… too excited :smile:

@David @Martin @PeterA guessing you’re already on tbis but please confirm this will be added as soon as it goes live. Thank you

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On the heels of two IPOs pricing above raised ranges, Unity boosted the value of its own impending debut this morning. The well-known unicorn is currently set to begin trading this Friday, pricing after the bell Thursday.

If that happens, the gaming platform company expects to be worth between $44 and $48 per share, up from its preceding $34 to $42 per-share IPO price range that it initially set.

Unity raises IPO price range after JFrog, Snowflake target steep debut valuations


Is the plan to offer this tomorrow as soon as possible? Very keen to get in early on Unity!

Yes It will be available.


Have you seen an article confirming? I’ve seen nothing from a T212 staffer.

Unity is on the app now.

No, it is is not on the CFD side and will not be made available unless you make a lot of noise and tag staff when you do. If you do that they will add it once it opens, as that is the only time they can do it for CFD.

Hope this is clear and helps.

@Martin @David @PeterA

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As I said, it is not on CFD.

But I can see it on Invest right now.

Yep on there now, all good.

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Could we get this on CFD too.

Edit: Well that was fast. Seems on it’s CFD two seconds after I posted that.

Frantically refreshing to get a buy price!

Likewise. Anybody have idea when it’s becoming available to retailers or is it just ‘itll happen when it happens’.