Urgent - all positions closed at 47% [We are fixing it]

I watched all my positions closed at 47% about 15 minutes ago. Has anyone experienced a similar issue. I have emailed the helpdesk but no response. I thought 1. A margin call will be initiated when your account goes below 45% (which I didn’t receive) 2. All the stocks were at pretty much the same level the past couple of days. Can anyone please help or give me advice. Thank you all

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We have 2 other similar topics opened already.

Bottom line check Chart using Candles in 1m view… to see if price reached…

Has to be a glitch in system

I have just had a massive loss and the share price never dropped at all, I think the software has just gone wrong. No reply from helpdesk and live chat seems to be gone.

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There was topic with currency, Jen Euro or something, which was discussed and t212 provided data that the prices were indeed reached.

We’ll look into every case.


Can you look into mine please as a matter of urgency.

Hello. I have suffered the same problem. Instant loss on aviva shares. No stop loss activation. No warning. No nothing. No graph online shows the spike nor has it shown such volatility. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

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Seems it’s happened to us all

What trades did you have open?

Thank you David - I’ve lost a bit of money because of this so any help will be appreciated

Same here. Associated British foods closed at 15.0. Not dropped below 20.0 for a day or so.

Hochschild mining was stop lossed at 0.904 currently trading at 194.8

Thanks David - much appreciated.

I had a look on the 1m charts for NKLA and can’t see it ever reaching 93.225 If anybody has access to TradingView premium can they check the 1 second charts for 14:32 and 36s to confirm? Again, jumping up 20 dollars in a split second seems nuts.

I’d be interested to hear was it some glitch that caused NKLA, Aviva, Lloyds Associated British Foods, Hochschild Mining etc. to mess up. Seems too much for coincidence that so much would happen?

All we can do is wait and hopefully hear back soon.


My case ID is: 38502 ty🙏

Something must be wrong, my app has crashed :sob:

Uninstalled and reinstalled… Fixed. Happening a bit more than I’d like to be honest, twice this week.

But thanks for the app update.

Exact same thing has happened to me on aviva shares

All my open positions have disappeared and so have all my funds!!!why?

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I’ve had that before… Try uninstalling and reinstalling or updating the app in the app store.

Thank you… tried that and still the same!