Incorrect close price?

Hi there,

I confirmed close on a short position to the value of +350 dollars on NKLA when it hit the 75 dollar mark. My result however says I closed the position at 93.225 dollars and shows a loss of 524.00 Can this be looked in to? It didn’t jump up 20 dollars in a split second, nor does the chart show this. Can this be looked into? Was it a glitch? I’ve never seen anything like this happen before on any stock.

Open: MO252343090

I think the price went up to 93.99+ at one point. Looks like the position was cut due to margin call maybe.


Look at day range

I see huge gap on open :slight_smile:

I was watching the whole thing from open and on T212 the chart peaked at 100 - 101. Then I refreshed and all I see is what you have shown above.

Was absolutely wild, up massively then down massively, then up … then down down down.

Well thats what you have with this bubble stocks :beers:


Nuts though. I just can’t believe that when I hit close at around the 74/75 mark, that in that split second it jumped up 20 dollars. It couldn’t be the case. There has to be some glitch there.

Still made nice gains, but jesus minus 500 dollars instead of plus 350 for a thousandth of a millisecond !!


Did you close it this morning or Afternoon?

If not it definitely gapped up overnight in post trading - no glitch.

I opened a sell position at 82.74 dollars at 14:32:10 GMT When it dipped down to the mid 70s mark, I sold for profit of roughly 350 dollars at 14:32:36 GMT. The result says I sold at 93.225 dollars for a loss of 550 dollars.

Doesn’t make any sense. I can’t see this peak anywhere.

I just showed you how it peaked at 15:30-15:32 GMT+1… in the chart above…

@Vedran I can see it opening at 90 ish and didn’t peak at all. It went into a nosedive.

Hey - could you look at mine? I also reported this but no response yet ty

I see that also, but that is still at a price somewhat lower with what I had my position closed off on.
Anyway the mods got back and it seems there was a technical error with CFDs today.


Good to add @ Team212 so that they got notification :wink:

They’re contacted on another thread. Thanks for replying anyway.

Don’t know if anyone else has recognised yet but the SL that failed to trigger states Pending order stop loss if you check the positions. Does this mean it hasn’t fulfilled?