US Longterm Treasury

I have been thoroughly enjoying trading with the app, but we are missing very important one - longterm US bond! Could you please please add some equivalent to TLT or/and EDV? I’ve found this one

It will be great if the team can add this asap. I don’t want to open a general account on HL just to trade it.


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Yes please, also second this request for TLT would be useful, also trade it

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I am missing them too. It’s impossible to build a portfolio without long term treasury bond and I am also tempted to open account elsewhere.

Appreciate quick implementation.



I dont get why TLT isnt avaiable, its the most traded bond in existance. Please add it as its a struggle to build a portfolio or even swing trade without having this available.

TLT is not available in EU, I believe original request mentioned IBTL/IDTL, which are correct tickers to request for adding in EU/T212.

IBTL is also on my “Bonds Pie”, just waiting to be added :pie:

I wholeheartedly agree. Trading 212 has surpassed my expectations and I have recommended the company to friends. However the lack of TLT (or IBTL/IDTL) is a big problem. TLT is a major element of Ray Dalio’s famous All Weather/All Seasons Portfolio. And with Trading 212 focus on “Pie Investing” one would expect this ETF would be available. Furthermore, in their Trading Instruments list available on the instrument TLT is listed as an available instrument! Even though it doesn’t seem to be. Trading 212 team please include TLT ETF as a trading instrument asap. Thank you.