USD or EUR account

I have a EUR bank account and I recently set up a Trading 212 account in USD (as I expected to be investing mostly in US stocks). It cost me €13 in exchange fees to deposit $800 into my Trading account. My friend set up an account in EUR and obviously had no exchange fee as it was EUR to EUR. It does not show any exchange fee for him when he invests in a US stock but I assume it is included into the stock price?

I am looking to find out if a USD or EUR account is more suitable for me in order to reduce currency exchange fees.



That is a large fee. You would probably be better off with a T212 account whose base currency is EUR. The cost of exchanging EUR to USD on T212 is small. I suggest you read

Or have a middle account, Ie Revolut. Charge with Euro, exchange to USD. Bank wire to T212.

Revolut has one of best on market fx rates…

Or vote here:

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I tried that but unfortunately Revolut would not allow the transaction to be approved. Thank you though

Revolut card cannot be used to charge t212, but you can use Bank wire option from Revolut, which is free and quick…

I am using this approach.

Debit Bank Card> Revolut - Exchange to USD > Bank wire to T212.

Oh great, thank you so much!

Be prepared for some hefty SWIFT fees from intermediary banks when you transfer USD from T212 to Revolut!

With an account in Euro you can use SEPA transfers, which are free. Then you don’t need Revolut (and their requests for pay slips and tax documents).

I don’t plan to take out cash for long long time, so I don’t worry.

Anyway T212 is planing to add Debit card, financial type account features.