User-created group for stocks

Hello T212 Support,

Please can you add a method of grouping sticks into different buckets. These are buckets that I want to determine, primarily of I consider a security am investment or a trade.

This would help me to understand if I should cut trade off it had dropped x% or look to see if the fundamentals of the business had changed for an investment.

I’m my mind it would be great to add flags to the lines in the app. But any visual overlay would be great if possible.

I’d like this feature within ISA please

Please let me know if this isn’t very clear and I’ll try to create a visual to demonstrate what I mean.
Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere.

Many thanks,

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Hey, @ShrewdDude.

It would be lovely if you could share a visual so that I can better understand the concept. :v:

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Hi Michael,
The attached picture is the kind of thing that I think would be great.

It is essentially some sort of mechanism through which we can tag our investments into different groups. For example using a visual overlay (here I have used dots). I have two (or maybe 3) “groups”. The blue group, the red group, and the ungrouped (no dots).

If I viewed some of my securities as ‘trades’ rather ‘investments’ (i.e short term holds rather than longer term) I might want to sell them if they started to fall in price. If though I saw them as higher quality ‘investments’ then I might want to add to these securities if they dropped in price

In the picture I’ve highlighted two commodity stocks as potential trades (red dot) and other stocks as Investments (blue dot) and some stocks non-defined.

Would this type of feature be possible?

Thanks in advance

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That makes perfect sense, @ShrewdDude - thanks for elaborating.

I’ll forward your proposal along for consideration, and once I’ve got an update, I’ll let you know. :handshake:

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