Is it possible to group your holdings

Add a way to sort the list of stocks in your portfolio. The only thing you can do currently is hide pie investments.


Hi ,
I would like to group my holdings into Custom categories, ex: Dividends, High growth,Speculative.
Can we add this feature, will be helpful for many


Why not use pies for this?

Can you just create different watchlists?


I want to track my current holdings and group to check on performance based on sector I have invested in

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Grouping or sorting/filtering would be good. E.g. sort by country, industry etc

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That’s what pies do.

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We are exploring the possibility of grouping portfolio investments based on industry/sector or region :ok_hand:


just have the ability to add your own tag and ability to sort or filter on tag. It isn’t about what sector or industry they are but personal criteria (ie short term trade, long term, dividend share, review at weekend…)

Grouping live investments in the portfolio page would be great!

The folders in watchlists I’ve found are somewhat helpful for grouping. So perhaps they could connect through to watchlist folders. Though one big issue I find is the “tabs” of “advanced charts” in the center page on the watchlist remain static no matter which watchlist / folder you’ve selected. So it ends up being cluttered full of all and every tab of any stock I’ve even peeked at.

It would be great if each watchlist folder / portfolio group had its own tabs group, just like common “Tab Groups” plugins. These folders could be live portfolio stocks we’ve grouped, or tabs of stock we are watching/researching which we’ve added to watchlist folders.

Also the ability to rearrange the tabs (like web tabs) in the header would be great. Especially as currently, with dozens of tabs randomly cluttered in the one and only tab header, its really hard to find your place and that tab you were just looking at. And makes for a messy work enviroment there.