Valaris stock delisting

So Valaris is delisted.

I have money in there. If I don’t take it out, what happens with it??


I assume you have this notification? (Not my screengrab)

If you have it in Invest it can sit there, if its in an ISA you have 30 days to put in a sell or have it sold on your behalf.

You probably already have found it but here’s the site:

Yeah I understand I could hold the shares but what happens then? Do they get re-invested in the restructured company? Or just sit there forever?

Well all that’s changed in delisting is the ticker changed from VAL to VALPQ, it’s the same 199,430,217 shares but because it’s now pink sheets you can no longer trade as T212 doesn’t have access to OTC. So your options are keep holding as long as you want (unless held in ISA) or put in a sell and they will be sold at whatever the bid is (shown outside the app).

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hi @CPB please let me know if you decide to sell VAL if your order is executed?

I tried to sell my TLRD shares in my ISA (also delisted and now an OTC) several times and the order doesn’t execute.

If your account is Non-ISA, you can either hold your shares or sell them.

I’ve just checked your situation regarding being unable to sell TLRD shares. Could you cancel the existing sell order and place a new one? If it doesn’t work, PM me.

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Ahhhh ok Phil, so I can sell at any time for Valpq current price!? Just won’t be able to actively trade them. Thank you! Appreciate that info :sunglasses:

Yeah pretty much, so if you should currently be able to get ~$0.15 for each share when it opens or hold them to whatever value you want.

It’s just if the shares are held in ISA which forces you to make a sell within 30 days or have it sold on your behalf to stay within the rules. With Invest keep it as long as you want.

@Martin should be able to help answer specifics.

Yeah they’re not ISA- just invest. As I bought them at around $0.40 I think il hold out For now haha