Vanguard ETF requests (bonds)

USD Corporate Bond UCITS ETF (VUCP) - yield 3.34%

USD Emerging Markets Government Bond UCITS ETF (VEMT) = yield 4.47%

Can you add the above 2 ETFs? Thanks

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Can I add Vanguard USD Treasury Bond UCITS ETF Distributing to that.

ISIN: IE00BZ163M45
Ticker: VUTY

Thanks guys

I like it as well. Used it before on another broker

  1. Vanguard USD Corporate Bond (VUCP) on Xetra (€) is already available. £ & $ versions (VUCP & VDCP) will be available tomorrow.
  2. Vanguard USD Emerging Markets Government Bond - €VGEM, $VDET & £VEMT are already available.
  3. Vanguard USD Treasury Bond - €VGTY, $VDTY & £VUTY are already available.