Vanguard FTSE 100 GBP

I just bought my first 2 stocks here, I want to long term invest and deposit monthly. I am trying to find out the dividend information but there seems to be nothing on this app to find out. Can anyone enlighten me? How much does it pay and how often? Also would like to know if I would get it as cash or reinvested stock

That’s technically not a stock, it’s an ETF.

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Thanks for the reply can I change stock to “ETF” and ask again? Thanks for the link but I don’t understand it at the moment. Would just like to know will I be paid dividends on this app with this ETF. How, when?

Dividends for this etc pay out 4 times a year, and it will be added to your free funds directly. Once every 3 months/ per quarter.

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Thanks for the straight forward answer :slight_smile: