Vanguard VUSA or VUAA?

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Could you please enlighten me on the differences between VUSA & VUAA

I’m looking at a long term investment strategy with accumulating dividends if possible.

Or could anyone please advise on the best Vanguard S&P 500 fund to use.


VUSA in priced in GBP and VUAA is priced in USD.

They both track the same instrument, which in this case is the S&P500.

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From a performance point of view it doesn’t matter which one you pick. It’s just displayed to you in either £ or $. the only way it would matter is if there is a currency conversion charge by T212 which there isn’t.

Edit. Saying that I see slight difference in day changes between KLWD (£) and WCLD ($) for example… Maybe someone can explain it.

I would check this topic.

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Regarding your question, what you might want to check is whether one is accumulation or distributing (whether it distributes or reinvests dividends). Depending on which country you are a resident of, one might be better to you than the other.

In terms of currency, on T212 there is no difference as T212 does not charge any conversion fees :smiley:.

Most of these things have been asked before, in the future its probably quicker to use the search function on the top right. I have linked some posts below that you might want to read, you might find some of them useful.

Quick post on accumulating and distributing options and the currencies.

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If you don’t understand why the currency of the ETF in this case does not matter, there was a longer explanation on this thread:

A quick explanation on the with-holding taxes:

Note: If you are a UK investor investing in an ISA then distributing or accumulating makes no difference (I think both with-hold 15% tax on dividends)

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