VUSA, VUSD or both?

What’s the difference between investing in just VUSA or just VUSD or 50/50 in both? I have seen some people say there is no difference between just one or the other and some others say 50/50 is the best. Can someone please explain?

Both are distributing. The difference is that one is priced in GBP and the other in USD. You will make the same profit in your base currency whichever you buy.

What is the purpose of having VUSA and VUSD tickers then? You are saying there is absolutely no difference which I buy if I buy using GBP?

Some people do not have access to 0 fee currency exchange and so Vanguard make this ETF available to be purchased with both currencies. For us on Trading 212 who have 0 fee currency exchange these are effectively the same.

If your currency is GBP I would advise buy VUSA to avoid the FX impact issue.

If you go to the page for the provider you can see the holdings, always worth doing on ETF to see what’s included (in this case 505) and the weighting.

The competing version from iShares is IUSA

There is no difference to profit arising from fx impact. 10 shares of either version of this ETF, bought and sold over the same time period will give you the same GBP profit. VUSA and VUSD are the identical fund.

It’s like one finds in GAP, where one sees both prices in EUR and GBP on the same label of a sweater. Or a shoe that is labelled as UK size 8., European 43 and US 9.

If you take the USD price of a share of VUSD and convert it to pounds you will have the GBP price of a share of VUSA.

Maybe it’s late and my brain is frazzled if you bought

£10 of VUSA
£10 worth of VUSD (13.64 dollars)

The dollar weakens against the pound

£10 of VUSA
13.64 dollars now gives you £9.70

The dollar weakens again

£10 of VUSA
13.64 dollars now gives you £9.50

You forget that if the dollar weakens against pound by 1% the price of VUSA will also fall by 1%.

Sorry so yes same profit.

The FX is included in the SP with VUSA rather than separately. If you went with VUSD you’ll see the impact split inside the app.

Say this was VUSD

Whilst VUSA would just show £11.23

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What we are saying is essentially correct. However, VUSA and VUSD do trade separately on the market, so the last traded price for each may have occurred at different times and there can be differing demands for the two versions. This can lead to tiny differences in apparent return over short time periods. However, these differences cannot long persist, or otherwise there would arbitrage opportunity to profit by buying one and selling the other. Consequently in practice the two versions move in near lock step differing only by the spot USDGBP rate.

By the way, I recommend considering SUUS and SUAS. These ESG SRI versions of a US market tracker have performed well compared to VUSA and IUSA. They exclude things like oil sands, tobacco and weapons.


Nice :+1:

Interestingly the top 17 (up to Amex) of 131 account for 50%

TSLA TESLA INC 7.12 USD 401,303,089.20 Consumer Discretionary US88160R1014
DIS WALT DISNEY 4.61 USD 259,881,781.44 Communication US2546871060
HD HOME DEPOT INC 4.28 USD 241,483,808.37 Consumer Discretionary US4370761029
MSFT MICROSOFT CORP 4.22 USD 238,155,028.35 Information Technology US5949181045
PG PROCTER & GAMBLE 4.04 USD 228,094,124.32 Consumer Staples US7427181091
NVDA NVIDIA CORP 4.01 USD 226,423,903.44 Information Technology US67066G1040
PEP PEPSICO INC 2.91 USD 164,374,075.62 Consumer Staples US7134481081
CRM SALESFORCE.COM INC 2.89 USD 162,852,174.68 Information Technology US79466L3024
NKE NIKE INC CLASS B 2.61 USD 147,140,490.72 Consumer Discretionary US6541061031
ACN ACCENTURE PLC CLASS A 2.40 USD 135,558,676.80 Information Technology IE00B4BNMY34
AMGN AMGEN INC 2.14 USD 120,895,723.83 Health Care US0311621009
LOW LOWES COMPANIES INC 1.92 USD 108,438,515.90 Consumer Discretionary US5486611073
BLK BLACKROCK INC 1.65 USD 92,913,846.96 Financials US09247X1019
CAT CATERPILLAR INC 1.57 USD 88,266,981.70 Industrials US1491231015
AMT AMERICAN TOWER REIT CORP 1.45 USD 81,690,454.34 Real Estate US03027X1000
DE DEERE 1.31 USD 73,629,336.20 Industrials US2441991054
AXP AMERICAN EXPRESS 1.24 USD 70,010,394.65 Financials US0258161092
MELI MERCADOLIBRE INC 1.24 USD 69,771,366.84 Consumer Discretionary US58733R1023
CI CIGNA CORP 1.19 USD 67,328,167.50 Health Care US1255231003
GILD GILEAD SCIENCES INC 1.18 USD 66,486,367.20 Health Care US3755581036
ZTS ZOETIS INC CLASS A 1.14 USD 64,296,033.20 Health Care US98978V1035
BDX BECTON DICKINSON 1.13 USD 63,530,318.02 Health Care US0758871091
PLD PROLOGIS REIT INC 1.07 USD 60,431,001.84 Real Estate US74340W1036
CSX CSX CORP 1.06 USD 59,856,249.24 Industrials US1264081035
CB CHUBB LTD 1.04 USD 58,662,440.76 Financials CH0044328745
CME CME GROUP INC CLASS A 1.02 USD 57,602,970.54 Financials US12572Q1058
CL COLGATE-PALMOLIVE 0.99 USD 55,852,886.28 Consumer Staples US1941621039
PNC PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP INC 0.98 USD 55,023,516.10 Financials US6934751057
NSC NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP 0.96 USD 54,400,438.80 Industrials US6558441084
ITW ILLINOIS TOOL INC 0.95 USD 53,803,899.24 Industrials US4523081093
EQIX EQUINIX REIT INC 0.93 USD 52,477,572.96 Real Estate US29444U7000
SHW SHERWIN WILLIAMS 0.88 USD 49,738,629.15 Materials US8243481061
VRTX VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC 0.87 USD 49,192,229.45 Health Care US92532F1003
MMC MARSH & MCLENNAN INC 0.84 USD 47,623,261.44 Financials US5717481023
EW EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP 0.81 USD 45,738,443.88 Health Care US28176E1082
ECL ECOLAB INC 0.80 USD 45,347,797.81 Materials US2788651006
HUM HUMANA INC 0.80 USD 45,075,361.62 Health Care US4448591028
NEM NEWMONT 0.74 USD 41,702,547.84 Materials US6516391066
HCA HCA HEALTHCARE INC 0.68 USD 38,214,422.33 Health Care US40412C1018
MCO MOODYS CORP 0.67 USD 37,730,441.70 Financials US6153691059
KMB KIMBERLY CLARK CORP 0.66 USD 37,497,211.74 Consumer Staples US4943681035
BIIB BIOGEN INC 0.65 USD 36,593,761.92 Health Care US09062X1037
ROP ROPER TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.64 USD 36,118,008.52 Industrials US7766961061
LULU LULULEMON ATHLETICA INC 0.63 USD 35,660,228.50 Consumer Discretionary US5500211090
IDXX IDEXX LABORATORIES INC 0.62 USD 34,893,113.94 Health Care US45168D1046
EA ELECTRONIC ARTS INC 0.60 USD 33,767,409.00 Communication US2855121099
A AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.58 USD 32,866,850.94 Health Care US00846U1016
APTV APTIV PLC 0.57 USD 32,278,915.50 Consumer Discretionary JE00B783TY65
CNC CENTENE CORP 0.55 USD 31,044,940.47 Health Care US15135B1017
TRV TRAVELERS COMPANIES INC 0.54 USD 30,670,262.32 Financials US89417E1091
BK BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP 0.54 USD 30,421,620.60 Financials US0640581007
TT TRANE TECHNOLOGIES PLC 0.53 USD 29,980,791.77 Industrials IE00BK9ZQ967
TROW T ROWE PRICE GROUP INC 0.53 USD 29,915,325.00 Financials US74144T1088
CMI CUMMINS INC 0.52 USD 29,359,636.20 Industrials US2310211063
GIS GENERAL MILLS INC 0.51 USD 28,849,826.48 Consumer Staples US3703341046
ALL ALLSTATE CORP 0.50 USD 28,335,760.00 Financials US0200021014
PRU PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC 0.49 USD 27,910,104.93 Financials US7443201022
INFO IHS MARKIT LTD 0.48 USD 27,263,580.85 Industrials BMG475671050
PSX PHILLIPS 0.46 USD 26,042,624.36 Energy US7185461040
RMD RESMED INC 0.46 USD 25,687,916.94 Health Care US7611521078
ES EVERSOURCE ENERGY 0.45 USD 25,421,892.82 Utilities US30040W1080
ROK ROCKWELL AUTOMATION INC 0.44 USD 25,010,460.00 Industrials US7739031091
BLL BALL CORP 0.44 USD 24,731,045.46 Materials US0584981064
MTD METTLER TOLEDO INC 0.43 USD 24,500,391.52 Health Care US5926881054
FAST FASTENAL 0.43 USD 24,368,008.48 Industrials US3119001044
VFC VF CORP 0.41 USD 23,272,270.68 Consumer Discretionary US9182041080
STT STATE STREET CORP 0.40 USD 22,667,534.46 Financials US8574771031
BBY BEST BUY INC 0.40 USD 22,392,564.00 Consumer Discretionary US0865161014
TDOC TELADOC HEALTH INC 0.39 USD 21,806,903.00 Health Care US87918A1051
CLX CLOROX 0.37 USD 20,708,786.88 Consumer Staples US1890541097
CERN CERNER CORP 0.37 USD 20,655,117.73 Health Care US1567821046
SIVB SVB FINANCIAL GROUP 0.36 USD 20,283,078.51 Financials US78486Q1013
ED CONSOLIDATED EDISON INC 0.35 USD 19,615,507.20 Utilities US2091151041
WST WEST PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES INC 0.32 USD 18,327,784.33 Health Care US9553061055
CBRE CBRE GROUP INC CLASS A 0.32 USD 18,008,174.08 Real Estate US12504L1098
KSU KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN 0.30 USD 17,007,401.60 Industrials US4851703029
HOLX HOLOGIC INC 0.29 USD 16,531,050.80 Health Care US4364401012
OKE ONEOK INC 0.29 USD 16,518,519.92 Energy US6826801036
NTRS NORTHERN TRUST CORP 0.28 USD 15,833,808.52 Financials US6658591044
MTB M&T BANK CORP 0.28 USD 15,651,084.70 Financials US55261F1049
XYL XYLEM INC 0.27 USD 15,442,303.50 Industrials US98419M1009
KEY KEYCORP 0.27 USD 15,275,587.04 Financials US4932671088
TSCO TRACTOR SUPPLY 0.27 USD 15,236,190.00 Consumer Discretionary US8923561067
GWW WW GRAINGER INC 0.27 USD 14,983,231.66 Industrials US3848021040
RF REGIONS FINANCIAL CORP 0.26 USD 14,877,867.60 Financials US7591EP1005
DGX QUEST DIAGNOSTICS INC 0.25 USD 14,152,596.64 Health Care US74834L1008
CAH CARDINAL HEALTH INC 0.24 USD 13,783,825.44 Health Care US14149Y1082
WAT WATER CORP 0.24 USD 13,738,227.67 Health Care US9418481035
ABC AMERISOURCEBERGEN CORP 0.24 USD 13,611,980.40 Health Care US03073E1055
PEAK HEALTHPEAK PROPERTIES INC 0.24 USD 13,332,229.96 Real Estate US42250P1030
STE STERIS 0.24 USD 13,314,079.80 Health Care IE00BFY8C754
VAR VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS INC 0.23 USD 13,230,087.06 Health Care US92220P1057
EXPD EXPEDITORS INTERNATIONAL OF WASHIN 0.23 USD 13,151,159.18 Industrials US3021301094
K KELLOGG 0.23 USD 12,881,054.36 Consumer Staples US4878361082
ALLY ALLY FINANCIAL INC 0.23 USD 12,834,357.76 Financials US02005N1000
ABMD ABIOMED INC 0.23 USD 12,696,691.59 Health Care US0036541003
PFG PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP INC 0.22 USD 12,277,772.79 Financials US74251V1026
IEX IDEX CORP 0.22 USD 12,262,163.76 Industrials US45167R1041
TDY TELEDYNE TECHNOLOGIES INC 0.21 USD 11,651,395.86 Industrials US8793601050
XRAY DENTSPLY SIRONA INC 0.19 USD 10,887,372.00 Health Care US24906P1093
CHRW CH ROBINSON WORLDWIDE INC 0.19 USD 10,724,263.98 Industrials US12541W2098
USD USD CASH 0.19 USD 10,660,898.20 Cash and/or Derivatives -
HAS HASBRO INC 0.18 USD 10,403,607.60 Consumer Discretionary US4180561072
FBHS FORTUNE BRANDS HOME AND SECURITY I 0.18 USD 10,376,275.20 Industrials US34964C1062
FDS FACTSET RESEARCH SYSTEMS INC 0.18 USD 9,992,752.80 Financials US3030751057
MTN VAIL RESORTS INC 0.17 USD 9,560,069.50 Consumer Discretionary US91879Q1094
ICSUAGD BLK ICS USD LIQ AGENCY DIS 0.16 USD 9,078,129.83 Cash and/or Derivatives IE00B50QMP13
ALLE ALLEGION PLC 0.16 USD 8,900,869.18 Industrials IE00BFRT3W74
MOS MOSAIC 0.15 USD 8,607,694.72 Materials US61945C1036
BG BUNGE LTD 0.15 USD 8,559,540.42 Consumer Staples BMG169621056
HSIC HENRY SCHEIN INC 0.15 USD 8,475,441.84 Health Care US8064071025
IFF INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES 0.15 USD 8,262,413.64 Materials US4595061015
CABO CABLE ONE INC 0.14 USD 8,087,959.75 Communication US12685J1051
JAZZ JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS PLC 0.14 USD 8,023,749.53 Health Care IE00B4Q5ZN47
DVA DAVITA INC 0.14 USD 7,945,087.50 Health Care US23918K1088
LBTYK LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC CLASS C 0.14 USD 7,882,876.93 Communication GB00B8W67B19
BWA BORGWARNER INC 0.14 USD 7,801,561.80 Consumer Discretionary US0997241064
MHK MOHAWK INDUSTRIES INC 0.14 USD 7,778,766.49 Consumer Discretionary US6081901042
IRM IRON MOUNTAIN INC 0.13 USD 7,300,803.96 Real Estate US46284V1017
OC OWENS CORNING 0.13 USD 7,291,652.51 Industrials US6907421019
CPB CAMPBELL SOUP 0.12 USD 6,935,426.52 Consumer Staples US1344291091
STLD STEEL DYNAMICS INC 0.12 USD 6,897,632.00 Materials US8581191009
IVZ INVESCO LTD 0.12 USD 6,650,180.00 Financials BMG491BT1088
BEN FRANKLIN RESOURCES INC 0.11 USD 6,418,994.24 Financials US3546131018
RHI ROBERT HALF 0.11 USD 6,005,828.50 Industrials US7703231032
AXTA AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS LTD 0.09 USD 5,312,280.87 Materials BMG0750C1082
LBTYA LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC CLASS A 0.06 USD 3,350,216.81 Communication GB00B8W67662
HSBFT CASH COLLATERAL USD HSBFT 0.02 USD 1,100,000.00 Cash and/or Derivatives -
EUR EUR CASH 0.00 USD 60,050.92 Cash and/or Derivatives -
ESH1 S&P500 EMINI MAR 21 0.00 USD 0.00 Cash and/or Derivatives -
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Yes, the top holdings in this ETF are ones I would be happy to own. You can use Morningstar to plot the charts of SUAS and VUSA together. SUAS dominates over almost all periods. SDUS is a similar ESG fund. iShares have 3 categories of ESG funds: Screened, Enhanced, and SRI with increasing levels of ESG attractiveness. I am now buying these alongside VUSA. Similarly, the SRI world tracker SUWS has been outperforming SWDA and VWRL.

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just in case

I also decided that SUAS was offering me a relatively safe way to dip my toe in the world of TSLA. It is weighted more in SUAS than in the S&P 500 and in VUSA.

Very interesting ones :clap:

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I like the look of it, I would love to get out of oil etc. but is it worth the 0.68% charge compared to the 0.07% of VUSA?

The charge on these is 0.20%, not 0.68%. So long as they outperform VUSA, I don’t care if Blackrock make a bit more money. (I also own Blackrock shares.) There are also two others at 0.07%.

Blackrock is an advocate of ESG investing and prices the Screened versions of such funds the same as their non ESG funds.

Yeah I just checked the fact sheet and you’re right, I might replace or just add this into my LISA instead of VUSA

Edit: can’t find it as a regular fund only ETF so I guess not lol

Actually TER is almost identical. Not buying S&P anyway just MSCI USA , EM, Eur.

For S&P invesco is cheapest 0.5% while SPDR S&P ESG is 0.10%.

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