Virgin Wines AIM 2nd March

Hello. Virgin Wines will debut on the Aim market on 2 March. Please list this stock on T212 platform ASAP. Thanks.


What would you say its worth?

Google seems to suggest they made 1.7m profit after tax in 2020, and are looking to IPO at about 100m. That would give you a yield of 1.7% ignoring any future growth potential…

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Hi @Mrsyao,
Our fellow community member @Joey_Fantana posts a daily IPO thread on the day to request the stocks that IPO that day. So, thanks to Joey, T212 are very likely to be aware of the IPO on the day.

Having said this, T212 relies on IBKR as a trading provider (don’t know the correct term), and IBKR tends to take time to add small european IPOs, such as those on AIM. IBKR basically tend to add them a few days late.
Therefore, I do not think that we will be able to have access to the stock on the day, but hopefully we will have access sometime on that week.

I am not trying to be negative, I am just being realistic and trying to manage expectations. I am NOT a member of T212, I am just a fellow T212 user, like you.

Note: Anyone please correct me if I am wrong with anything or if I have misunderstood.

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@mrsyao if you can get in touch with IBKR, via email, tweet or other, and get on them to ensure the stock is added either in advance or no the day of the IPO, it shouldn’t be a problem for T212.


Well it’s not exactly been a ‘boooom’ of a stock launch has it.
I was doubtful at the start now I think I’ll pass.

To be honest, if an IPO does not “rocket” that is better. The company is still as good, and you can buy at a fairer price.

I know nothing about the company “Virgin Wines”, but the point above is valid for most IPOs, in my opinion.

Steady growth is better I’d agree but I can’t see this making a dramatic increase long term.