UK Penny Stocks

Sorry quick question here. I’m not asking for all the penny stocks to be added here. I know the risks. But I’m trying to find somewhere that lists them and newly released small shares. Just want to see what’s going on out there, once in a while there’s something that’s worth a look.
Many thanks

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Yea i’m an AIM investor and sometimes I do a random search for a stock and see it has been listed, even though it wasnt there the last time i did a search.

For example Virgin Wines IPO today and has boomed. T212 didnt have it. I am sure it will appear at some point, but there is no notification of when!!! It will just appear one day!

One warning tho on UK penny stocks. Price Alerts dont work. Limit prices you have to spend £100. Live orders don’t execute so you never get the price you think. Sad times

There’s a few things going on DMA Vs using MMs.

Also a lot of AIM are on SETSqx which means it’s auctioned, but you may find some orders go through OTC between.

Looks like @Joey_Fantana has been on it

Thank you. I saw the last post after I asked. I did look for virgin wines, guess it will be a few days weeks before it come on here. It would be nice to be able to jump on something from day one.

I also saw a download pdf from LSE. From that I took a £50 punt on Beckham’s new cannabis venture queued for opening tomorrow.

What’s it called again? How much is it up since ipo? I’ve noticed big pull backs on cannabis stocks so hopefully can get a good price

Look up CBX. It’s dropping today but no one seems to be selling

And only went live last couple days

At 1.17 a moment ago

Looks good, very difficult to find financials.

However I think im just going to take a punt anyway, and research later hahahahaha