VIX futures margin

I noticed the next VIX contract has an increased 10% margin, while all previous contracts had 5% margin. Will this margin decrease for the usual value before next week’s rollover? Will current positions be affected when the rollover occurs?

@mmc_pt The margin for the next VIX futures contract (VIX-17Mar) will stay at 10% - which will affect open positions when the rollover occurs.

@David, thank you for the clarification. Will this be permanent or is it another temporary measure that can sometime in the future be reversed?

Also, the spread increased again. The minimum spread usually was $0.25, then increased to $0.45 and now to $0.55. Can you give any insight on what are your plans for the future regarding VIX’s spreads?

@mmc_pt 10% margin will be permanent for regular clients. Professional clients will still be able to trade VIX with a 5% margin.