VIX rollover in advance

Is it possible, for the future, to have the next futures contract available a few days in advance?

For example for VIX I noticed that in the last days the liquidity of the last contract has been decreasing and the spread increasing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this will affect the price at the rollover.

If the next contract was already available (as it is for oil) one could manually do the rollover in advance. You could also have an option to automatically do the rollover at a specified time, instead of doing it at the closure.

The rollover didn’t work properly. The position was closed and was not replaced by the new contract.

I see that you’ve now added the contracts until December, but there are no prices and trading is suspended…

@mmc_pt They’re up & running now.

@David Not yet. I’ll wait a while longer.


@mmc_pt Try ctrl+r or check the mobile version.

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@David The mobile version worked. Thank you. The web platform still doesn’t work. The chart is working but the prices are “undefined”.

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