VLCN Stock Increase

Dear my friends at Trading212,

Please may you increase the allowance of VLCN at present you only allow £73 worth of stocks to purchase, while others allow over £1000+ worth.

As you know i am loyal to only Trading 212.

Please increase this to at least £200 worth of shares value or their is very little reason to invest in this.

Thank you kindly.

Hey, @LearnerEarner :wave:

We reviewed the request from your initial post yesterday, and based on the instrument’s current market conditions, we can raise the quantities to a maximum of 1250 shares.

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Thank you kindly for your fast help.

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Hi there @Momchil.G ,

The value of the shares for VLCN went down to around £78 worth as the maximum you can buy, before you allowed £110 worth.

Please review this, any stock should have a minimum of £200 or $250 to trade.

Trading212 is my favourite broker that i am loyal to.

Thank you kindly.