Piedmont Lithium (PLL)

I couldn’t find any thread on this.

They have just entered into a binding five year agreement with TSLA.

Might be good to have this one added…


Any chance of getting this added before nasdaq opens today?

I support this request. Please can you tag staff @phildawson and state the platforms: CFD, Invest and ISA (unsure if this is ISA acceptable).

PLL went from $11, to $45 today!

Yes it would have been nice to have it 4 days ago when I asked. Unfortunately T212 seemed to have stopped taking requests unless IPOs.

It’s incredibly frustrating when you don’t have a broker that has access to it but can see it’s about to pop.

This will go absolutely nuts.

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Before and after hours would be nice as well. Feel like we are getting left behind the robinhood brigade

@David @George @PeterA @NickS @Ivan @anyonewhoworksforT212

Is there anyway the T212 customers can help in getting requests filled? I know you’ve said the focus is on IPOs but haven’t seen any normal requests filled for months. Is it a case you have to hassle IB into adding them? Do you need any other info like say if it’s ISA available etc for you own database?

There was that adding ~200 stocks weekly with an aim for 10,000 by year end but that seems to have faded?


PLL will be added for CFD and Invest/ISA with the ringing bell of the US session.


wooooo hooooo thank you @Martin and @phildawson :smiley:


That’s awesome @Martin

Going back to my post is there anything we can do to help make adding these easier for you guys?

Is it a case we nag you and you nag IB to add it to their system?

Could there be a wiki style way of us filling in the data required?

Theres possibly about 1000 stocks that have been requested in the last few months in the forum. Have these all been hoovered up into a waiting list?

Would it help if we created a way to submit a ticker and vote on it?

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@phildawson You can check the comment below:


Yeah I had just spotted that, sounds good. Thanks for your help

Whilst you’re adding stocks and I have your attention :pray: would it be possible to add Cleanspark too? It’s been in demand by a lot of T212 customers and would make a lot of people happy (and potentially rich :sweat_smile:)

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:partying_face: get ready for the pump (and dump :grimacing:)

Any guesses on how many halts it’ll have today? @Vedran

Halt 2 or 3…

@Hectares are you shorting this?

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i will be in due time haha :raised_hand:t4:

currently no showing on cfd/my end

You have to close the app and reopen to see it.

Or restart your phone. I often have to do that to see newly added IPO stocks.

Thanks guys :smile:

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Looking like another good time to short.

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