Volume on charts


I’m pretty new to technicals so forgive my dullness. Looking at your charts is there a volume tab you can add, I can see various volume indicators like OBV but is there not just a plain straight forward volume tab?


Hello @Gfclappah,

Currently, you can only add tick volume histogram to the chart, which will represent quotes received for the specified time period/candle.

Does T212 currently have any plans to improve it to show buy vs sell? It also doesn’t seem to match other charts.

Also would be amazing to have a VWAP that works like TradingView above, the T212 one feels like a SMA.


Since the indicator shows only the activity of quoting frequency, it is impossible to build such visualisation on it.

We do have plans on improving the technical analysis functions greatly, but cannot disclose any timelines yet.

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