📊 Volume - please and thank you

Request for a proper Buy/Sell Volume indicator
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Can we please have a red green buy/sell volume indicator? For the love of god, it is one of the most important indicators. It should be a no brainer for T212 to have it.

The plain blue tick volume one just doesn’t cut it and having to switch back and forth from Tradingview to T212 while trading isn’t great either.

Yes, I know, this has been asked before but I wanted to make a poll. I’ve seen posts dating back to Jan 2020 asking for the volume indicator to be updated and nothing has changed since.

Let’s see how many people are interested in this - vote above - and lets get a bit of traction.

Also happy new year everyone, and T212 - I still love you
PS. vwap would be cool too


This and :crossed_fingers: vwap


:point_up_2:t2: VWAP on CFD isn’t VWAP.

Connect the CFD API to TradingView so you can trade CFDs directly from TradingView:

Never used an API before Chantal; you’re saying that we can connect TradingView to Trading212 to execute orders?

I use Invest btw

There is an API previously used to connect to ProQuant to trade CFDs. API isn’t available for ISA/Invest.

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Yeah, I’m staying in my cosy tax free ISA :slight_smile: But regardless, I do swing trade and the occasional day trade so the lack of a normal volume indicator was bugging me too much… Dont know how you manage CFDs without. -sheeesh- already 28 voters!

Yes please, Volume and a working VWAP :pray: