Warrants are now here .. 📜

We’re excited to inform you that today we’re launching the distribution of warrants. They’ll be distributed to eligible shareholders, as a result of corporate actions, in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.

Check out the following Help Centre article, where you can learn more :arrow_heading_down:


Great new addition.

I’m guessing no covered warrants though?

Good news!
Will it also be possible to buy/sell warrants from other securities? (Ie. Existing warrants trading in the market)

Hi EI, it seems only sell-mode (from @B.E original link):

They will be visible in the portfolio section as a new instrument type and can only be sold at their market price.

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Not in ISA’s though, right?

Thanks, @MaxZorin - and no, unfortunately, we won’t be offering covered warrants for the time being.


This is really good news!