What are you buying next week?

My list to look at this weekend:

ADBE Adobe
CWR - Ceres Power
NG National Grid
PLUG Power

The rough view I think these four could be good short to medium plays with an attractive entry point at this time.

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With PLUG power, the main question is that it was $2-5 until Mid 2020. But it suddenly jumps to $70 and fall to around $38 due to SPAC reverse merger. Their financial does not look good and it is still in red territory. But Many wall street analysts give a price target higher than the current price.
So I am undecided. Still want to find a good reason why the $2-5 could sufdfenly become a $38 in less than a year ??

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Pennon Group (PNN)
InterContinental (IHG)

Same thoughts on entry price points and upside :+1:

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EPD, MMP, DOC, AMZN, MELI are some candidates.

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Pay day next week so same as always. Load up on my four Baillie Gifford funds; add a bit to my ‘buy and hold pie’, and a bit to my ‘yolo’ pie.

I sold BP for profit recently but have added it back into my ‘Buy and Hold’ pie so this will be a new purchase for me next week.

Currently loading up large on Ethereum crypto at the moment as well so my stocks won’t be fed as much as normal for the next few months.

SNDL 2.50 april calls

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