What does the thickness of the Holdings ring graphic mean?

When going into a pie and selecting holdings there is a circular graphic showing the proportion of my different holdings.

The thickness of each segment changes. Sometimes one thickness, sometimes up to four.

Can anyone tell me the significance of this please?


Hey, @Kevin_0 :wave:

If you’re referring to the graph that shows your slices, attaching a screenshot below for reference, each slice on the pie chart can vary in thickness.

Over time, some of your investments will outperform others, causing their actual weight to exceed their target weight. As a result, outperforming slices will expand on the chart, while underperforming ones will shrink.


In simpler terms, the thickness of each slice in the Holdings ring graphic shows how much of your money is in each investment. A thicker slice means you’ve put more money into that investment. The different thicknesses just make it easier to see which investments are the big players in your portfolio and which ones are smaller. I find it pretty useful for getting a quick look at how my investments are spread out!