Pie Chart Incorrect? - ✅ Fixed

Is the inner part of this pie chart supposed to look like this? I would’ve expected it to span the entire “Blocked Funds” outer ring.

The inner pie is the price of holdings in which you have compared to price of actual pie that’s in leverage.

Or at least I hope it means this and I havnt been reading my own wrongly lol

As you can see from this photo, the pie chart looked very different when I had no free funds. That’s what makes me think something is wrong. Do you agree?

If you’re correct, does that mean it’s actually this chart that’s incorrect?

Your second picture is correct. Was there an update done on your phone at all recently? I know the latest one (5.5.3) ironed out some bugs in the system

No, I think it switches between the two representations, depending on whether I have free funds.

Will Trading 212 staff eventually see this topic or do I need to @ them in?

@David @George @Team212

A fix is coming with the next update.


Thank you very much.