What happens if a stock goes OTC


What happens if a stock you own goes OTC, can you still hold it in ISA.

Yeah all my stocks in my isa are otc it’s normal apparently

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Uh really? I thought no OTC Markets stocks were allowed in an ISA, or is it that they just cannot be bought? i.e. if they’re already in there then delist from NYSE/NASDAQ to OTC Markets

Could be completely wrong here, so just asking out of interest, I don’t trade OTC Markets stocks at all

Well it does state on the trading212 site they cannot be bought in an isa.

But I had one of the customer support guys email me to say it’s normal.

Here’s one of otc I bought Shell in an isa

@David @Team212 i don’t know if you guys can clarify this.

All my stocks in my isa are otc?

@DKBTRADER OTC as in the trade was off book Vs TOTV the exchange.

So Shell is on the LSE but you can still have a trade go through OTC.

Your getting that confused with a company being delisted from an exchange.


@kannaiah To answer the OP I think you have 30 days where you need to sell or have the position closed automatically as it’s not allowed in ISA.

In Invest you can keep forever, and just look externally at the BID when selling.


Oh yeah I see the confusion, the OTC you refer to here means trade was executed OTC rather than on the exchange - any stock can show this in order history

“OTC stocks” refers to OTC Markets stocks exclusively

Thank you every one. I was looking to buy FTI which trades on NYSE and SBF, I think it is going off NYSE. I can still buy it on SBA :+1:

As @phildawson has explained excellently, OTC listed stocks are not permitted on ISA. If a stock is delisted from its regular exchange and it is moved to OTC markets, the open positions in ISA will be liquidated in the time span of 30 days, unless closed from your side. Positions in the Invest account will not be affected. For further reference:

@DKBTRADER Orders on Invest/ISA are routed to the most favourable exchange and are executed on the best price that satisfies both the buyer and seller at the moment of execution. Therefore, the execution of the order can occur via OTC so that the best price is obtained.