What is the plan with fractional etf's

Just asking if there is a plan to get the ETFs made fractional?

Kraneshares, HanETf & Wisdomtree,etc have great etf’s which would be good fractional.

can anyone from 212 help?


Yes I am waiting for KURE from Kraneshares and HMCA from HSBC. I am not sure why ETFs especially arent just all fractional by default?

I suspect that ETFs with low volume tend to be not fractional, at least thats my observation.

That being said I would love to see wisdometree etfs becoming fractional as share prices starting to get really high…

I’ve been waiting on at least one Kraneshares request. Don’t even get an acknowledgement.

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Great to see EMQQ has now been made fractional!
Thank you @Team212

any news or plans to make more ETFs and the other HANetf’s Fractional???