What trading if any takes place after the market is closed?

As a newbie can someone explain in layman’s terms what trading takes place after the market has closed.
The reason I ask is I’ve noticed when the market closes I may have for example £10 in credit, then I may look later and it could have risen or fallen, so what caused that?

I mean if I decide to buy or sell a stock after the close the transaction doesn’t take place till the market opens, if I have it right.


It’s usually the fluctuation in currency. Forex. If you uploaded GBP and are dealing with usd stocks, it’s normal to see your gain/loss go up and down.
Might be what you’re talking about. Click on the return button to see the breakdown. The fix impact part is the Forex fluctuations.


In the real world ,there are portals through which you can trade after and before hours. Costs some money though.

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Thank you, now you mention it all except one stock is in the UK but I had one in Germany.
I said £10 as a round figure for example in my post.