Price oscillates after market close

@Team212 since i open the account, I invest only in USA stocks and I would like to know why after market closes my return of investment always oscillates.
Yesterday, my return of investment was positive (around 5€) and in the next morning I was losing money (It passes from 5€ to -2,30€). How is that possible? It’s because may account is in €?

Very likely to be FX oscillating. Happens for some of my foreigner currency stocks…

@Vedran but is normal to lose such money from 5€ to -3€ ?

Well fluctuation is in % so depending on ammount of foreign currency it can be even substantially higher like few hundred €/£/$ +/-, it is not alwats negative, I had situation where a substantial positive on investments…

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I am a new investor and I only invest in US stocks and not in CFD and I think that when the market closes the return value of my investment also stops and shows me whether I have won or lost money.
What happens is that since I opened the account, after the market is closed, the value of my investment is always fluctuating. In the photo below how is my average price of 3M 165.88 and the current price is 166.70 and the result is -0.11, just like in JPM? I think it should have a positive result because the $ / € exchange rate is not that different.

@Team212 if you can help i apreciate