Any UK reit fans out there?

I have been investing in newriver reit since march I see it as a good investment. I have watched it fall another 25% this past month. I bought more after the fall. Not sure if I’m missing something but I think the fall is an over reaction. I get they have a retail and pub portfolio for the most part. So not the greatest market conditions…BUT… they have collected 95% of rent through the entire pandemic. The economy is open enough for companies to pay there bills. Plus as far as I know there haven’t been any cuts to the dividend.

Compared to other UK reits out there I’m positive about this dark horse.

Any thoughts?

Bruh, they have had negative net income the last 2 years.

While also piling on longterm debt:

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I hold a few UK REITs but new River is not one of them.

I’m not so bullish. Thankfully, I sold my Reits just before the pandemic struck. The only ones I hold now are US ones specialising in logistics and data centres. That said, I would consider adding BBOX and WWH in future.

Let’s be real what company isn’t taking on debt right now? I’ve read there reports. They have plenty of cash on hand to see this through.

I’d say it’s one of the higher risk REIT’s just given it’s sector.

Also just checked dividendmax it looks like they haven’t paid a dividend since Feb? so that’s the May and July quarterly dividend not paid?

I’m currently invested in BBOX and also tempted to add WHR. Both are distribution warehouse REIT’s with the likes of Amazon as tenants.

Yield that high suggests a cut back incoming

It’s not right now. They started losing profitability back in 2018. And have been building debt.

The cash they have is from financing. It’s paying a loan back with the loan. Plus losing money in general.