Where can I see company details info on desktop?

On mobile this is readily available. Scroll down under the chart and you have everything you need including financials summary.

Where is this on Desktop?

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They said previously that this will be coming soon.

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Trading212: Any news on this? It’s a significant omission imho from the web app compared to the mobile app. It seems rather weird that the web app with significantly more ‘screen real estate’ doesn’t have features that are on the mobile app.

Today I cannot see the details on my mobile app. Is it just mine?

It’s still there on my app (Android), just under the graph and labelled Company details.

Yes I know, but I had to uninstall the app and reinstall. Must have been some sort of big. But thank you for the input!

Shame that an uninstall and reinstall was the fix: it’s SO frustrating when apps behave like that. You start not being able to trust them. :-/

But glad it’s working for you now. I really value the Company details section on the mobile app.

On the bright side the platform has come a long way. Further improvements in the pipeline!

Hi there! Any news on this? I really need this because i don’t use the android\mobile app

check your browser says: https://live.trading212.com/beta

then the company details will always be a short scroll below the graph