Where to find a Stock pick

Any body follow any u tubers for stock picks ?

Not following any YouTuber about stocks choice. what’s the concern???

I’m hoping your terminology is an error. Please do not follow anyone (YouTube or other) without having done your own research and reached your own conclusions.
It is you who picks your stocks so by all means use as a starting point but research research research.


You can subscribe to my a YouTube Channel. I have a stock analysis playlist but not many videos in it yet, caught up doing lots of other videos! Also have portfolio updates too. None of it is financial advice though, just my personal decisions
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Just watched a Video of yours, pretty good for a young guy on investing. Hope you have success with your video’s in the future as well as now. But also research is Key to investing in Stock.


Thanks I appreciate it, my video quality has been getting better over time. Better equipment and editing. I do research my own stocks, just never get around to making many stock analysis videos on my channel because I have other videos to do. Will have to get another one up again soon!

Just to get ideas really to get tips on stock research , I seem to get lost as there are so many stocks ! Where do you start ?

Whilst you shouldn’t buy a stock because just you like the product they sell, there is an argument that if you look at companies you like or products you like then research and go from there. To use a simple thing I have done is when first started my trading 212 account I bought some KO (Coca cola) partly because I read they bought Costa Coffee, which piqued my interest I of course then looked into KO more not just because they bought Costa, then that lead to looking at Starbucks too, and although I almost never use Starbucks out of choice I think their business is good and after some research also took a small position in them.

So what I am saying is look at companies you understand and start researching and go from there.

Nope. Kinda like asking an alcoholic what their favourite drink is…


For me its The Investors Chronicle…started in 1860…says it all

The communism started in 1700s, so age isn’t a proof of quality. :wink:


It’s proof of good financial journalism

a variety of british papers have been around for a long time too. doesn’t make the contents any less a mix of BS and bias, nor does it mean that newer papers are bad just because they are new. a paper just needs to sell to stay around.

don’t follow a paper because of its age, the people who run it now weren’t the ones who built it up from the start, follow the talented people who write the articles after doing a great deal of due diligence even if they move papers, far less likely to get let down.

one mans alcoholic is another mans whiskey aficionado, I would never ask the typical lager-drunk for advice but the 2nd would be able to tell me their favourites and why down to the hints of barrel or container used to store it and could give recommendations to suit your own tastes, saves you time and money trying them all yourself to get the same result. you have to separate the gems from the stones. the same holds true for youtube or other sources.

This is a great comment :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I find articles on the Fool interesting. Some days you even get two on the same stock. One telling you to buy, and the other to sell!


Ha, the articles are pretty bad at times on the Fool.

Contrary to this, the podcasts are pretty decent!

They’re made by subbies. The articles have absolutely nothing to do with the actual Fool service, which is an incredibly high quality offering.

I’m not sure if this is sarcastic or not?

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It’s not sarcastic at all. The paid Motley Fool service is one of the best paid for services around hands down. With a pretty unparalleled record of success.

Their sh!te marketing and the “free” part of their site is what has stopped Tom & David Gardner as going down as investing greats.

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I really like their podcasts, good for stock ideas actually, mostly in the US though, they barely mention UK companies, even the big ones like ULVR, HSBC, AZ etc.