Youtube Traders: The good, the bad and the ugly

With so many Youtubers and channels covering trading, who do you give a thumbs up and who would you give the foxtrot oscar too? For me, a newbie day/swing trader I like:


A great watch, I like the characters, and I’ve earnt good money following their leads. Their daily email list is great and their after hours training is easy to follow.


Again, another channel I watch LIVE a lot especially their pre-market prep edition every day. Thier CEO , Jason Raznick, whilst not that personable has some great stock tips in other videos. Mitch Hoch’s “Spac Attack” is also a great watch albeit zero production values.

Paul Briscoe

I like Paul’s simplistic and easy to understand videos. As he’s using the platform that also helps. A good watch and one to subscribe to.

Stock Moe

A big Tesla guy but again I like his videos and feel that I get something from them.


There are too many to list. Some are clearly attention seeking headliners and others are just dreary and don’t exude confidence.

So what do you like, who do you watch and what do you get from it?



I wouldn’t rate any of them. I mean if you were actually good at trading, why would you need to advertise your trades on YouTube or elsewhere, other than to try and hype up your stock picks?

The alternative reason for having a YouTube channel, is to get followers and make a second income from ad revenue.

You would be better off reading a book on the principals of investing.

(Sorry) :slight_smile:


@Dougal1984 not quite true. people who try to get others to copy them or do what they do in order to create some more liquidity/price volatility perhaps. but there are plenty of people who do know how to trade and do well at it for a retail client, that run YouTube channels to educate others.

advertising what you are trading and when, without hiding your failures is a great way to build legitimacy and show your channel has integrity. All that matters is whether or not there is an audience for that sort of YouTube Channel.


got any good recommends? preferebly sub 10-15 min long videos :slight_smile:

yeah Paul’s videos usually catch my attention but could have done with being a few mins short. he’s moving up the youtube world though i see

As an Investing YouTuber myself, my first reason was I just wanted to encourage people to invest. I don’t know, I just get really annoyed these days and that people are using expensive platforms, or think they need a lot of money to invest, or get really confused. I just want to make everyone aware of the opportunities they have and help them as far as I can.

The next reason is because I like seeing my own progress and want to be able to look back in future. I also love making videos, always have.

Then lastly is hopefully to get a little bit of income. I’m not trying to get rich, but it would be nice to have another stream of income to support me, and luckily YouTube and Trading 212’s referral scheme allow this. So hopefully I get a little bit of cash from it.

I try not to tell people what to do with their money, it’s all a personal choice and opinion, there’s no right answer.

The last thing I’m trying to do is scam people, and most other YouTubers are the same. The line of what’s acceptable though varies. But to me I’d never recommend anything I don’t use/ recommend. For example I’ve been approached by Plus500, and turned them down because I believe Trading 212s better. I could also get free shares from FreeTrade or Stake but I don’t want to sign anyone up to those two as I don’t recommend them. But some people would say that’s ok to do, and do it. I just don’t like it personally and never will do it.


Quallamaggie, swing-trader, multi-millionaire and is NOT selling a course (or anything). Trades live on Twitch and posts them on YouTube.

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personally, I really like:
Ben Felix: discusses investing in a more scientific way
The Plain bagel: basic investing concepts
Aswath Damodaran: teacher in corporate finance, valuation and investment philosophies at the Stern School of Business at New York University

But the last one might just have to long of videos/lectures :wink:


+1 for Aswath Damodaran.

Also, well worth a watch is the old videos from UKSpreadbetting, where they interview traders.

Another one is Anton Kreil - but keep everything he says on the fence, as he is ultimately trying to push his own course or as he likes to put it “education” … "Here in my garage…" lol

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I’m following UKspreadbetting now and I have to say, you have to watch a lot to get anything of actionable value, IMO.

He’s fallen into the trap of feeling he has to pump-out lots of videos to play the algo and chase viewers when in fact he would be better to concentrate on quality over quantity. Also, it means he ends up basically repeating videos.

I have only so much time so I will probably unfollow him at the end of the week, unfortunately; but there’s no doubt he knows his onions.

Yea, like I say - the old videos are the only ones to watch.
The current videos are a pump n churn grind right now.

All I like watching are the old videos where the hot girl interviews the traders. :star_struck:

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Time permitting, I’d say watch as many as you can even some of the not so good ones. The idea is not to blindly do what someone else says regardless of their credibility or expertise. Instead use it as an educational tool to help you form your own opinion.
One of the best ways to learn is through this community forum as well because there are plenty of people willing to help and share ideas with like minded people.


Good beginners Trading channels i’d recommend are:

Zip Trader: Great tutorials, informative videos, free discord, facebook group page with trading watchlist posted daily, and also offers a cheap Trading Course if unable to learn via youtube/reading.

Ricky Gutierrez: Great tutorials, informative videos, free discord, facebook group, and also offers a cheap Trading Course if unable to learn via youtube/reading.

Warrior Trader: Great tutorials, informative videos, offers a thorough Trading Course, Live streams Trading each morning his reasons for entering trades/thought process before US Market Open (and sometimes after opening depending on Likes), and post informative profit/loss daily.

For Free Audio of Benzinga Squawk, and Trade Ideas scanner: for US Trading and includes Extended Hours.

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Paul briscoe is good and he replies on YouTube (big up G C)

Yes, can agree on the part that people can sign up and forget, and stay on expensive platforms. or get sold into the likes of SJP and have large entry and or exit fees.

I think it needs to start with education. Pensions and investing are a huge part of everyones lives, and yet its barely on the curriculum.

There also needs to be some sort of ‘compare the investment platforms’ out there as well. A form of investment platform open banking would help with that. So you can share what you hold, and it will tell you where best to hold your assets. The down side to that, is it will just level the playing field and potentially destroy competition to a point.

I do agree - some of the more educational traders may be worth listening to. I still think for the majority, people need to understand that buying individual shares represents higher risk, and that’s why many of the FIRE forums and such support index funds.

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Noticed these videos tonight - some good interviews on there. :+1:

Stock moe is good , but unless you sign up to his patreon you rarely get an exclusive stock to go with by just watching his YouTube channel.
Chris sain is the real deal. I was following him for a while and he was giving out some unreal advice. If he says a stock name then I listen. A great place to learn a few tricks .

Larry Jones seems very genuine. Some good advice aswell as some great stock suggestions. I like listening to him.

A new guy I am following is called “deadnsyde” talking about stocks that you will not hear anyone else mentioning. I only came across him a few days ago. I didn’t invest in.the first two stocks he suggested as I didn’t trust him yet. But they both ran up like 50 to 80 % the day after.
I invested in a stock today that he suggested last night , I followed the charts, bought in at the right time, and sold just as it dropped a bit, and I made over 20% on it in a couple of hours.

I am.only investing a few months with very small money. , and I use these guys for bit of a point in the right direction and trying to build up my portfolio. I am up over 33% in my first 4 months. Thanks to these 4 guys really


I agree with these :slight_smile:.

I would also add PensionCraft, in terms of understanding concepts. He is a big advocate of passive investing with ETFs and balancing stocks with bonds, which I do not follow, but I still think that some of his videos are quite informative, particularly if you are a beginner.

Etypsyno, if you like Ben Felix (“Common Sense Investing”) have a look at the “The Rationale Reminder Podcast” on Youtube, Ben also takes part in it. It is very heavily guided towards Canadian investors, but they sometimes discuss interesting topics and have insightful guests. Nonetheless, the videos are often too long (very long!).

None of these are traders, they just provide insights into investment concepts and ideas/variations. None of them suggest stockpicking, they suggest passive ETFs as that way you ensure that you get all the “winners” (as well as the underperforming stocks).
Another one that I find interesting, just to see how he values companies and the numbers he gets is “Cameron Stuart CFA”.

I agree with dougal, these guys are just doing it as a side hustle to make money. I’ve seen a few of them and content isn’t really helpful and people like briscoe who are just ‘sharing their journey’. I believe it’s a waste of time.

I like the plain bagel, unlike the ones mentioned here the only thing he does is teach general concepts about the markers like, what is market cap, what is active vs passive, what’s an ETF. Just general core market concepts to help one actually understand what’s going on (It helps that he’s an actual CFA too)

He’s doesn’t try to shill an invite link or anything else either which makes the experience more wholesome.

You only need to watch Chris Sain. Also love his ability to set a trailing stop limit.

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