Why all the new stocks are not automatically added?

I am very new in this game, so please excuse my silly question. I have been using different stock scanners to find stocks on which I can make money in a day. But after finding the stock when I search it in Trading 212, The stock doesn’t exists. That’s very sad, because when the stock is added into the Trading 212… it is not possible to make the money, because this stock has already too late added.

I hope you get my problem. Please I was wondering why it is not automatically added for example on WeBull.


Hi @StockRed, there’s plenty of other threads asking similar questions.

Right now they’ve been adding approximately 200-250 new stocks weekly and/or focusing on making more stocks fractional. There is a backlog of requests, as for how long a request will take, I don’t have the answer I’m afraid.

If you have a stock, or stocks, in mind then search for it’s relevant thread and comment showing your support for said stock. If you can’t find a previous request, then create a new thread for it.