Why do some T212 listed Vanguard funds not show on the Vanguard UK website?

Why are some vanguard ETFs listed on T212 not listed on Vanguard website despite both being priced under the same currency (i.e GBP) and both listed on same London stock exchange.

For example:

VWRL and VWRP are both the income and accumulation versions of the Vanguard FTSE All World Etfs but only VWRL is listed under ETFs on the Vanguard website.

VFEM and VFEG are both income and accumulation versions of Emerging Markets but only VFEM is listed on Vanguard.

VEVE and VHVG are both income and accumulation of FTSE Developed World but only VEVE seems to be listed on Vanguard.

Is there a reason for this? I only ask cause I usually prefer the Accumulating ETFs but the fact that more often than not it’s only the distributing versions listed on Vanguard website makes me hesitant.

Thanks in advance for any help.

These are all listed on Vanguard’s own website: vanguard.co.uk. For example, here is their page for VWRP.

This page shows overall list, both distributing and accumulating.

What website were you looking at?

Actually, when I click the direct link for VWRP it takes me to vanguard.co.uk but when I click the hyperlink for vanguard.co.uk you have posted it takes me to vanguardinvestor.co.uk

Hi, Thank you for this! I’ve been looking at this website www.vanguardinvestor.co.uk, do you know why they have 2 uk websites and 1 doesn’t have a bunch of these etfs?

It is strange. Perhaps one site is for professionals and contains the complete producrt list. The other site is simplified, for retail investors who wanf to invest direct with Vanguard. Anyway, the easy way to find the page you want is to do web search with keywords Vanguard VWRP, and then pick the result that goes to a Vanguard page.