Hsbc ftse all world index class c - accumulation (gbp)

Probably been asked a hundred tines, but any idea when this will be added?

I’m afraid this is a type of fund that T212 does not yet offer. An exchange-traded equivalent, VWRL, is already on the platform but it has slightly higher fees.

Yes thanks, that’s why I’m asking for it to be added

Sorry that was poorly worded, what I mean to say is that this is a fund, like Fundsmith, Lindsell Train etc, none of which are offered by T212. Unlike shares and ETFs, they are not exchange traded. While it may be in the pipeline, I can’t see T212 offering funds like this anytime soon.

If cost is your primary concern, you could buy a combination of developed world and emerging market ETFs (SWLD/EMIM). At 90/10, that would work out cheaper still at roughly 0.13%.