Why does stop limit minimum exist?

I don’t think it should – as traders we know when our stop loss is too tight and when it’s not, we should be able to control how tight it is and not have a minimum set my t212. I find it really annoying that my stop loss has to be far in forex. What I do with stop loss above/below a resistance/support.

I think t212 should give us the ability to choose our stop loss and not give us a certain limit or whatever.

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its a technical restriction due to how the ticker will bounce around and cause triggers when it shouldn’t.

and honestly, not all traders are as competent as yourself and the minimum is there to protect them, not you.

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Yeah I can see why that would be problematic — trading most things is fine but when it comes to day trading forex I might need some other provider with tighter stop losses considering the fact that putting it too far will only make me lose more than I would normally.

I’m a total noob and have been using the demo for a couple of months, I find that if I’m looking to make a gain of @£300 my corresponding stop loss will be set to a min distance of 8 meaning a potentail loss of at least £400 or more. Surely this isnt a good win/lose ratio but I dont have enough experience to know.

When trading, you usually draw fib levels, trendlines, support and resistance – A tight stop loss could come in very handy when you put it right above a fib level, a trendline support or resistance, which I do when trading.

Right now I still trade on trading212 for some things but I don’t use any stop losses since they will be too far and they won’t make sense at least in my way of trading.

Mainly I use other brokers for Forex and Crypto pretty much because of this reason, but I can understand that trading212 is marketed as a simple platform to introduce you.

Which stock are you trading on in practice mode, which leverage are you using and how much are you buying/selling?

I agree… why is this a thing… if somebody wants a low stop loss why shouldn’t it let them ?
If the “protection” of people putting in tight SL as a mistake is an issue just put an option to disable it…
Watching every trade for its entirety because the stop loss would be way beyond what I wanna stop at is very annoying

Totally agree - should be able to set a stop loss based upon the low of the previous candle when making an entry and the minimum stop loss prevents you from doing this - by all means have a default to help guide new users, but the user should be able to set this to whichever level they like?
Any rationale behind this Trading212?

Point taken, we’ll consider a disable option or just outright removing minimal distance requirements.


Thank you for considering this. Will be a life saver if it sees the light of the day for many forex traders I would imagine


Wow, thanks! This will make my life so much easier

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Thanks for taking the feedback and all you are doing to enhance the platform; makes it a really positive experience.

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Any update on this? I like the platform but the stop loss is a big problem for me. Sometimes it’s 90 or even 100 pips still can’t work out what the minimum is as it seems random for me. Can never get it to 20 or 30 pips which is my risk reward of 3% I am having to put alerts and close of trades manually which by then can be too late and blow even more.

Same issue here. Can you pls add an option to turn it on and off?


Any update for this feature ? I think it’s essential for most traders to be able to set their own limits

212 team - are you working on disabling this limit? Or is it time to look for some other broker? I absolutely love everything you’ve done but this is a blocker for me, just as SyM wrote, cant set SL according to my risk mngmt.