Why does stop limit minimum exist?

I don’t think it should – as traders we know when our stop loss is too tight and when it’s not, we should be able to control how tight it is and not have a minimum set my t212. I find it really annoying that my stop loss has to be far in forex. What I do with stop loss above/below a resistance/support.

I think t212 should give us the ability to choose our stop loss and not give us a certain limit or whatever.

its a technical restriction due to how the ticker will bounce around and cause triggers when it shouldn’t.

and honestly, not all traders are as competent as yourself and the minimum is there to protect them, not you.

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Yeah I can see why that would be problematic — trading most things is fine but when it comes to day trading forex I might need some other provider with tighter stop losses considering the fact that putting it too far will only make me lose more than I would normally.