Pls remove "Stop Loss value is too far from the current market price" - ✅ Solved

When I open a CFD position, I always want to set up Stop Loss guarding me from huge market swings. But I’m very often getting error “Stop Loss value is too far from the current market price”.

This is forcing me to either
a) set up tighter stop loss than I want, being triggered in “small” swings that I anticipate and I’m ok with, or
b) do NOT set up the stop loss at all, instead creating price alerts and hoping to perform the stop loss manually.

Can you disable this? Or at least make the threshold configurable, so that I can increase it?


I don’t mean to sound like you don’t know what you’re doing, but is it possible you are setting the SL below the margin requirement? Or below the threshold where you get a margin call.

I don’t really do CFDs so haven’t tested or anything.

Nope. Even when I had $2k of free cash in the account, I wasn’t able to set a Stop Loss costing me $600 if would be exercised.

Agreed please change or put in place a disable feature. Stop loss is too far and am also having to put alerts in then closing trades manually which could add extra 20 pips loss. My minimum seems to be around the 70 pips but changes where times only 100 pips could be set.


What is the actual rationale behind this limitation? @Team212

The limit does not make a whole sense even if the stop loss would be below the margin requirement.
Furthermore, t212 blocks orders that are too far from the price so setting “manual” stop-loss by hedging and netting is also not possible

This question can be extended to whats the point of limiting the distance of limit prices, take profits, and stop losses? Just the broker’s edge?

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The idea of the limitations was to prevent users from abusing fake spikes and price discrepancies in the event of a technical malfunction - due to the constant improvement of the technology used and the quality of the feed received, those measures are much less needed nowadays. We are planning on removing the minimum distances and make the max distances much more flexible in general.

Until we have the aforementioned completed, you can give us the instrument that you find the limits of, tighter than they should be and we will be happy to review it.


Fair enough.
Guess I know what you mean, got stopped out by one of those spikes at some point. Seems to happen more frequently with less traded assets e.g., from the Asian market.

Thanks for the fast and detailed answer.

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Hi @PeterA ,

I’ve also noticed this is present in the ISA mode too and it could do with being removed. As an example, I have 1 share in moderna and want to minimise my losses in case of bad news breaking that their vaccine won’t work. Hence I wish to place a stop price of 55 and a limit of 50 but I’m unable to do this as my stop is too far

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Hey @hubble2bubble,

Please try now - should work like a charm.

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Works perfectly thanks! Has this been sorted on just moderna or on all stocks in the ISA?

@hubble2bubble Widespread solution is still to be built, but until then - we are here to track your feedback, so you shouldn’t get through too much hassle with such pending orders. :v:

it’s a huge issue that the price out of market hours isn’t tracked.
I have a 100% runner from yesterday (IMRN) and i can’t place a limit sell right now as the price from last close is too far away.

Hi Peter, can you also amend BioNTech and Novavax so I can do the same please. Thanks

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@PeterA I’m unable to do it on Novavax but BioNTech works fine now

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Hi Peter, is it possible to change the stop limits on NVDA (Nvidia) please. I have an open trade on NVDA, which i can’t move the stop up because of the “stoploss to far error message”. Strange because I’m trying to move the stop closer to the price, and only about 4% away from it.

Thanks very much

Also, Zoom. The stoploss is only 5.65% from the price, but saying it’s too far. Thanks

We’ve just amended the pending distance for Novavax, NVDA & Zoom Video. As @PeterA mentioned above, a general solution is already in our pipeline!

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Hi, Thanks very much Martin. Is it possible to do a temp fix on AMD too. Stop is 5.5% away and telling me it’s too far so can’t place the order.


@MarkLuds :white_check_mark:

Great thanks David. Also Apple (AAPL). Stop is 4.27% away but says it’s too far. Sorry to keep asking, but means i can’t place an order as have set risk management rules.