Why has Trading 212 failed to file financial accounts?

It recently came to my attention today that Trading 212 appears to not have filed its most recent financial accounts. If Trading 212 fails to file accounts, it risks being struck off - this should be a major concern to all customers.

Can Trading 212 please explain why there has been this delay and provide reassurances that its customers have nothing to worry about?

Quick search on the forum brings up this if it helps:

I would like to hear a statement from management regarding Trading212’s financial accounts and why the firm is 3 months overdue on filing their accounts. I am becoming very hesitant with putting anymore money on the platform when it is not certain if they are even able to be around for any longer. It is necessary to give investors trust of your platform and that you file these accounts. I am awaiting a clear, decisive and reasonable response from the T212 staff team which demonstrates an exact time frame as to how long it will take to file the accounts and why they are 3 months overdue.

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This has previously been addressed.