Why is the price of a stock/ETF shown in EUR in the email?

After a transaction you will get an email with the changes. I wonder why the price of a stock/ETF is shown in EUR in stead of the original currency? (for example USD/GBX/GBP)

I use this information the enter in a spreadsheet, but they are pretty useless. Now I have to go to the history on Desktop and search for the price in USD/GBP/GBX at execution.

Can this be changed?

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I agree. It makes the email pretty much useless. And then we are supposed to agree to it within one day? Is that even legal?

I don’t understand this… Explanation please? :slight_smile:

I was referring to the monthly statement, which I received today.

It says: β€œ* Important: Please note that it is your responsibility to check your monthly statements and inform us of any discrepancies within one working day. After this period all deals will be deemed confirmed by you.”

How can Trading 212 expect me to have time for that in the summer season? It is cheeky!