Large price differences in ETF charts - LSK8


I’m quite confused with prices shown in trading212 since last Thursday which do not seem to be similiar to any other stock tracker online. I would understand a small differece but it is more than 20%

e.g. today closing price @ Trading 212 - 5.61EUR

on Tradingview - 4.48 EUR

@Tony.V @David Can I get support on this please? Would greatly appreciate

@MatthiasLV It’s possible that we experience issues with quotes of the less-liquid instruments. However, rest assured that inconsistent quotes do not affect execution in any way, once you click buy or sell, your trade will be executed at the best possible price.

We’re currently in the process of switching data feed providers so this issue will be completely resolved very soon.

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Thanks David for easing my concerns :slight_smile:

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So what should we do? Now I don’t trust Trading212, since it might or might not show accurate numbers (or at least more or less accurate). It could +/-300% and the excuse would be a technical issue.

What are next steps? I’m checking my options with Visa and issue a chargeback for misleading information.

Maybe it should show on screen that the price displayed is not real.

your fears are unfounded. you will never see a price spike or dip of 300% based on misleading information. your positions will only buy or sell at the best price offered by another investor. if you want to ensure a good price for your shares, use limit orders.

which part of the information provided by T212 has been misleading?