Why the most popular ETFs are only offered in ONE exchange?

Indeed I wanted to request the accumulating version. But let’s add both and everyone is happy!

I am 100% VWCE since 2019. I might switch to the new one after one year of trading to see how it goes and the accumulated AUM

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I’m with you on this one. I avoid anything under say £50m and prefer £200m-plus. I’ve seen spreads north of 1% with some new ETFs which pretty much defeats the point of switching based on a lower cost. Hopefully this ETF will quickly become more liquid but I’ll be sitting on the sidelines for the timebeing. I’ve read that until an ETF hits £30m-£40m then it’s not particularly viable for the provider as a going concern.


any news about Invesco FTSE All-World UCITS ETF” ISIN: IE0000QLH0G6?

Still under review. I’ll let you know once there are any developments :v:

any news about FWRA?

@seralouk The instrument is already live. Enjoy :blue_heart:

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