Missing ETFs IWDA, EMIM and VWCE


In your website here, I checked that you have the ETFs IWDA (iShare), EMIM (iShare) and VWCE (Vanguard) available as trading instruments.

But in my acount I can’t find any of them, and my trading instrument list is a lot smaller!

For example, from iShares I only have this 2 ETFs available.

Do I have something wrong configured in my account?

Thanks in advance

You are a new client signed on in the EU? if so the reason you cannot find them is because you were onboarded to the new EU entity and the vast majority of securities are listed under the UK entity.

Trading212 is working to get all of the existing securities added to the EU entity by the end of September at the soonest, so keep checking back in the search and those listings will eventually become available for you along with the many others.


Bemvindo João. Saudações tugas.

If you want iShares MSCI World in EUR (IWDA), T212 have the EUNL, the same ETF but listed on Xetra (IWDA is listed in Euronext Amsterdam). The EUNL have more trading volume than IWDA.

As Dao already mentioned, not all stocks & ETFs present in T212 UK are presented in T212 EU. T212 is adding the missing ones in the T212 EU.

Tip: When searching, use the ISIN and don’t use the categories, as not all stocks & ETFs are already categorized.

Maybe T212 could mention that they still adding all the financial instruments in the T212 Cyprus platform when they are onboarding the EU customers, as some could think that T212 have poor offering.


Thank you for the quick response and the clarification @RLX and @Dao.

Yes I’m a new EU client, it makes sense :slight_smile:, I bet there are many security challenges with brexit and so on…

I have searched by ISIN this 3 ETFs that I’m interested (IE00B4L5Y983, IE00BKM4GZ66, IE00BK5BQT80), and it seams they are not available (even the ENUL).

In left side, there is the ETFs available in your website, and in right side, the same ETF in my account is not available.

I’m confused because this ENUL ETF, wich from “Deutsche Börse Xetra” should be available to EU costumers right? Is some problem in my side? (I’m still a beguiner in this)

If not, I will wait until they are available in the platform, there is no problem :slight_smile:. I just ask to add them as soon as possible.

Saudações tugas também! Obrigado.

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