Why the most popular ETFs are only offered in ONE exchange?

I have been using Degiro since 2019 and I can buy VUAA, IWDA, VWCE in many different exchanges.

I opened a 212 account and now I see that VUAA and IWDA are only available in the London exchange in USD!!

Why is that and how can I choose the exchange??

Generally speaking, each instrument’s availability on the platform depends on whether or not it’s available through our intermediary & respectively, whether we support the listing’s exchange or not.

Anyway, just let us know which alternatives to the above instruments you’d like to see added, and we’ll see what we can do :v:

I want to be able to invest into VUAA and IWDA in a EUR listed exchange such as XET and EuroNext.

Now, VUAA and IWDA are in London exchange so in USD.

VUAA already has a EURO alternative available, listed on Borsa Italiana.

As for IWDA - it’s currently available only under our UK entity, but we’ll take your feedback on board and see if we can add it to our EU entity as well.

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Try to search the ETFs by ISIN not by the tickers. As the ETFs can have multiple tickers due to their currencies and/or stock exchange. For example the mentioned IWDA has an unique ISIN (ISIN IE00B4L5Y983) and multiple tickers:



In the T212 UK entity that ISIN has the following ETFs:


@seralouk and @B.E
I know that in the T212 CY entity there is this ETF, at least in EUR, with the EUNL ticker traded in Xetra. :wink:


I can see IWDA in Euronext but I can’t invest into it!! It’s not activated

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Please do so! I prefer the Volume in Euronext

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IWDA on Euronext is grayed out for me

There is any difference for you if you invest in the Xetra-listed ETF, instead of Euronext Amsterdam?


Volume. It it importnant to take this into account when we are talking about big long term positions


Can you share the source where you see the volume of IWDA in Euronext Amsterdam?

For example, according to Morningstar the volume for the EUR versions are:

:de: - iShares Core MSCI World ETF USD Acc (EUR) | EUNL → Volume 210408
:netherlands: - iShares Core MSCI World ETF USD Acc (EUR) | IWDA → Volume 120299
:it: - iShares Core MSCI World ETF USD Acc (EUR) | SWDA → Volume 76900

Sources: Morningstar Ireland (links in the above ETFs names/tickers)


Hey, @seralouk

IWDA on Euronext Amsterdam is now available for trading :v:

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Hi thanks! I am planning to buy my first shares today.

Can you also add the new ETF “ Invesco FTSE All-World UCITS ETF” ISIN: IE0000QLH0G6

It’s the new competitor of VWCE. Great new ETFs many people need this asap!

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Just forwarded this one for review as well, @seralouk. I’ll keep you posted :v:


Are the fees also competitive? :slight_smile:

It’s now the cheapest all-world ETF at 0.15%

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The new etf has a TER of 0.15% the lowest you can get for an all-world etf

Here is the KID: https://etf.invesco.com/sites/default/files/documents/IE000716YHJ7_kiid_en.pdf

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It looks quite good, tracking the FTSE All-World which from memory includes Emerging Markets also and it is accumulating which is nice.

Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


It does. Depending on liquidity, I’m tempted to switch to it from a developed world tracker as it’s only 0.03% more. That said, I generally favour an active approach for emerging markets and hold a few trusts in the sector, so I may not bother.


The above mentioned ETF is the Distributing version. There is an Accumulation version, ISIN IE000716YHJ7, that is the favorite version for most retail investors.

Not a competitor, just compare the AUM and volume of both. The Invesco ETFs would need a couple of years (decades?) just to be close to 2nd place ETF.

Are you sure that the majority of people prefer the Distributing version instead of the Accumulation version? :wink:

(Btw, the VWCE is Accumulation version, and you mention the Invesco Distributing version. :wink: )

For now, those ETFs are non-existent just comparing the AUM vs. the little more expensive Vanguard ETFs. Are the 0.07 TER compensating the most probable wider spread and iliquidity of the Invesco ETFs?


Source: https://www.justetf.com/en/find-etf.html?query=FTSE++all++world

I avoid investing in new ETFs due to their wider spread and iliquidity, and nothing guarantees you that those new ETFs will be alive in the next few years, as the asset management firm could end the new ETFs due to low expected traction (AUM) from investors. And comparing the big gorillas in the jungle, I would bet that Invesco won’t take the first nor the second place from Vanguard. :wink: