Will Stop Loss trigger during AH

I have a position in a US stock which has dropped during extended hours. Will my stop loss trigger out of hours or will I be stopped out when the market opens much lower than my stop limit???

So I bought at 6.54. Set my stop at 6.49. Current AH price is 6.17.

Will I get stopped out at the price the stock opens at - in which case I’ll cancel my sell order


Will I have been stopped out during AH at my limit of 6.49?

I might be wrong but I think a stop loss is executed on opening.
Which is really a fuckery I agree with you in advance :slight_smile:
One way to find out for sure is: can you delete the stop loss now.
If so then it didn’t executed…

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I removed the stop loss but bleeding hell. Can’t wait til Webull opens up for UK residents!

if there is no market to trade. naturally your pending orders won’t trigger either.

T212 is already looking to add pre and post market hours across the accounts, it’s just a matter of time. but a gap in market hours will always cause a delay in order fulfillment.

Which stock is it? The Admins could enable AH for it on CFD if there’s enough volume. For example Tesla is available AH.

That’s the yolo spirit.