Trading212 has extended market hours for most US stocks

For the past couple of months I’ve been CFD trading US stocks and the market has been following the standard trading hours for US stocks on the NYSE from 2:30pm to 9pm GMT. Today I got in contact with customer support and they revealed trading hours for CFDs had been extended from 9am to 1am. Trading CFDs is risky as it already is, so doesn’t extending trading hours just add more unnecessary risk to CFD trading? I don’t know if others feel the same way, but personally I would much rather prefer trading CFDs at standard trading hours rather than at the new extended trading hours.

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I would rather it be trading hours ,it looks and feels better at the end if the day when your sticks have risen and you can see that and the anticipation of the opening bell

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Exactly, also by extending the hours by so much it adds to so much more unnecessary risk due to speculation.

Yes your correct maybe it has benefits and falls with the time being extended ,we can just see what happens over the course of time

Personally I’m alright with it as a losing trade could be stopped in advance when news breaks out after normal trading hours.

I do agree it may play on emotions hence increasing risk but that’s part of the trading package.

Maybe in future there could be an option for individuals who prefer and do not prefer this feature.

We’ll be enabling extended hours for pretty much every US stock in the upcoming months, both CFDs & EQs. You generally have more control & flexibility around your trades/investments when you can access the full trading schedule.
Nonetheless, we’ll considering an option to choose which trading schedule you’d like to follow.


Is it possible to have pre-market and after hours service for OPKO health by Monday please?


@Phil Extended hours trading for Opko’s enabled. :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it worked @David

@Phil Corrected. :heavy_check_mark:

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And Gulfport Energy please. Thanks :grinning:

Much appreciated as always @David

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Hello David,
do you know when extended hours trading will be enabled for ATVI?

I disagree, extended trading hours mean you have more flexibility. Say earnings come out and the stock trends downward, if you have extended trading hours your stop loss would trigger- but if you don’t, you’ll have to live with wherever the stock ends up with the next morning regardless of your SL.

Seems like more of a risk to put the stock value in a sort of “black box” over night and then get whatever price the post-/pre-market traders left for you.


@trah2 and that is a compelling reason to use Stop Limits instead.

Hello everyone. What would happen if I placed an order to buy a tesla stock this morning while the NYSE was closed? Or, for example, I place an order to buy a VUSA ETF now? Would it be executed when the stock market open at perhaps a completely different price (if it is a market order) or could not place an out-of-hours order?

if it’s a market order, you will get what ever the best price is when the market opens. if you want a specific price, use Limit Orders which will only execute if it can match or beat the price you set.

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Thank you, so I can cancel order before us stock market open (2.30pm uk time) because it can’t be executed before market opens?

yup, as long as it doesn’t get stuck in a “pending” loop and the X is showing. certain stocks can get a little funny when placing orders out of market time.

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Tnx, how can I know which stocks are being traded on extended hours?