Will there be a stock market crash in 2020? | Should I Wait Before Investing?

Hey Everyone!

This might be useful for us all investing in this crazy, turbulent time!

That said, I’ve received a lot of questions regarding whether 1) someone should wait for the market to drop more before investing and 2) will the coronavirus cause a stock market crash?

I’ve broken this all down in this video https://youtu.be/t_oETwFWYY4

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Start buying bro.
Check for solid company, if they are overvalued it is probably better, because these are the company that will fall more.
I have already setted some buy limit fot T, VZ, WFC, MDLZ, O and KO (this is not a financial advice).
Don’t go all in. Buy a bit a continue if the stock keep falling.

recession? perhaps.
crash? don’t count on it.

Follow this week reactions… the market will drop more, it’s 100% guaranteed… but of course you don’t need (and won’t) to predict the very bottom of this drop.
The virus outbreak is not even close to end on US and Latin America, my guess is that at least this week will be very “painful” for the market.


PS: Please don’t use caps when writing, it’s very impolite. :wink:

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