Withdrawal done to an unknown card

Hi Team,

I had withdrawn 2.878.24 Euros yesterday. All my earlier withdrawals had gone to my credit card ending with 0710.

But this withdrawal has gone to an unknown card ending with 9198.

Can you please clarify and resolve this at the earliest?


this should be communicated directly for prompt response rather than held in the community forums.

@Team212 @George @Ivan could we log this in the queue for support? not sure if a ticket has been made to accompany this post.

It’s all good - this is your Apple Device number associated with your card. Here you have more detailed information:

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Thanks @Tony.V and @Dao. I had created a ticket - 135002.

@Tony.V Just understand on the Apple Pay card thing thanks a ton.

I have a last question, can you please let know if payments will reach the account for which i use apple Pay, cause here in Germany we only have a IBAN for the debit cards and NO card number.

So this Apple Pay virtual card was linked to a debit card with IBAN (account number)

The customer in the thread has posted “So using Apple Pay I can fund the account with that card but I cannot use it to withdraw money. I think this is really a particular problem that is not common (here in The Netherlands is the only place where I’ve seen their so called PInpass where you only have IBAN and no 16 digit numbers)”

Little worried if my money will reach my bank account cause in Germany too we only have IBAN to debit cards.

Please clarify.